Third award „trader of the year“ by Sika

We’re glad getting the award also in 2018.

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„Sika’s adhesives and sealants are an important sector in our product range“ Helmut Münnich. With the help of Sika products we were able to place our product variety to our customers. The sales strategies were responsible for the succesfull establishment of Sika products in the market.
Two trained adhesive sealant staff support sales and technical applications. A.Brickwedde got the award the third time. A.Brickwedde care about a good service by using close collaborations to industrial companies and craft businesses. „All these measures leads A. Brickwedde to an important partner for us“ (Ansel & Möllers GmbH, M. Seibold)

Bildtitel: (v.l.n.r.) Mr. Haffelder, segment sales manager Sika Deutschland, right: Helmut Münnich, management A.Brickwedde

„A.Brickwedde donates instead of customers christmas presents“

A.Brickwedde decided again to donate the amount for customers christmas presents to a non profit organsisation. This time A.Brickwedde chose the voluntary fire department „Stadtmitte Osnabrück“. The donation is used for the children fire department.

v.l. W. Münnich (Geschäftsführer A.Brickwedde GmbH & Co .KG), N. Koch (Verantwortliche Kinderfeuerwehr ), M. Fischer (Mitarbeiter A. Brickwedde GmbH & Co. KG & Freiwillige Feuerwehr), L. Wenzel (stellv. Ortsbrandmeister) und J. Broxtermann (Betreuerin Kinderfeuerwehr) bei der Spendenübergabe).

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